July 20, 2013

Stroll in London & Suburb

It's July already! It's been so hectic the last few weeks because of few irregular things happened that I had to deal with. Both my normal job at the desk and my repair work are on the right track.
Here are some hightlights during my stay in England after flying back from Germany. The weather ,which I didn't tortally expected to be sunny in England, was so gorgeour throughout my stay. I was so lucky to soak in the sun, surprisingly! This time, I was takedn to places and shops I always wanted to go.


June 22, 2013

Stroll in Fussen, Germany 3

Then, several trains and buses later, we were in Fussen. As you may know, Fussen is known for the ancient castle on the top of the mountain built by the lonely prince. Surprisingly, this touristic castle was not our main purpose to be in Fussen. Our must-see was the tiny church in the rural area, which was registered as the world heritage. And this great view of nature.

Fussen was attractive little town, nestled just under valuable nature of beautiful rivers and great mountains. Besides these touristic attraction, I liked its atmosphere in downtown area close to the station. But if I were asked if I wanted to live here in Fussen, my answer would have been "maybe".
But we absolutely enjoyed being in Fussen for two days.

June 16, 2013

Stroll in Rothenburg, Germany 2

On the second day in Germany, we moved to Rothenburg by train. The weather was gorgerous throughout our journey. The kitty at the entrance was napping under the soft afternoon light. Rothenburg is a lovely little town surrounded by the stone gates. I thought I could live in this intimate little town.

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